Forest & Wilderness Protection

Do you enjoy Minnesota's beautiful north woods, lakes, and wildlife? Do you have a favorite fishing spot or campground? Or do you simply believe that we need to protect wild areas for their own sake?

Since the North Star Chapter’s founding in 1968, we have been at the center of efforts to protect and restore Minnesota’s landscapes like the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Voyageurs National Park and the St. Croix River Valley.

For the past decade we have been deeply enmeshed in efforts to improve management of our National Forests. Now, we are facing the threat of sulfide mining, a toxic type of mining which has never been done in Minnesota. Mining sulfide rock releases acid and toxic metals that pollute rivers and groundwater for hundreds of years.

In addition, we are increasingly concerned about the stress to our lands from a changing climate. Our goals include protecting large core areas, buffer zones, and corridors to aid species migration, while also reducing or eliminating habitat fragmentation, over-logging, invasive species, and disruptive human activities and pollution.

Minnesota Forests

Minnesota’s forests range from the oaks of southeastern Minnesota, to the fragments of the maple-basswoods of the Big Woods ranging through the central parts of the state, to the extensive boreal forests of pine and aspen in northern Minnesota.

Each of these forest types face a barrage of threats including illegal and destructive off-highway vehicle use, lakeshore development, destructive logging practices and toxic mining.

Forest Committee volunteers engage in a variety of activities. You can find us working on policy at the legislature, trekking through our forests for monitoring and photographing, researching forest planning documents, and standing up to bad management decisions.

Through constant effort, our lands remain a valued scenic and natural resource for all Minnesotans.

For more information or to get involved in the campaign to protect our forests and wildlands, please contact Forests Committee Chair Lois Norrgard .