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What are complete streets?

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Complete Streets means making roadways safer and easier for people regardless of age or ability and regardless of whether they are walking, driving, riding a bike or taking a bus or train. For the past 50 years, the emphasis has been on moving as many cars as possible. But how we get around is key to livability in our communities, and not every road should follow the same cookie cutter design. Road uses will vary from place to place.

It's important for planners to hear from people so they design roadways that accommodate the most people and the most uses. Citizen involvement is key. Help us by signing up to Adopt a Complete Street today.

Adopt a Complete Street

Instead of picking up litter, as in the Adopt-a-Highway concept, our volunteers select a street, and help keep an eye on progress, let us know if/when there are public meetings, attend, comment and help with outreach if possible. Since none of us can effectively watch every current and potential project, this would ensure we have eyes and ears in key areas so we bring our voice to the table when it counts.

Since there are a lot of different people and agencies involved in these projects, it can be tricky to know where to go and who to talk to about making a particular roadway a Complete Street. When you Adopt a Complete Street, we work together with volunteers in collaboration with partner organizations to give you the information and resources you need.

Sign up today to Adopt a Complete Street.